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Please note: The businesses referred to in the documentation below could be any of the following: Holiday Let, Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Camping site, Holiday Park, Holiday Property as the basic website functionality is the same and we will produce websites for these types of business

We will build you a Professional, Affordable websites for your Hospitality Business.

tick   Simple Processes - Anyone can do it, regardless of computer experience

tick   Your Design  - Website designed to your preferences, your colors, your photos

tick   WordPress - You can update the site yourself, world's most common CMS

tick   Responsive - Looks good at anysize  - On  Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone

tick   Search Engine Optimized - Designed to rank well in search engines

tick   Worry Free - All software updates and backups on server performed by us

tick   Online Booking  - A number of online booking options included

tick   Inexpensive - Reasonable prices - Pay upfront or included in a monthly fee

Today, more and more consumers use the internet to search for the holiday cottage / apartment. Without a professional website, potential customers may book with your competitors. If you already have a website but it is "home-made", having it professionally redesigned will provide your business with a professional image which will inspire greater confidence, encouraging people to book with you!

Once your website is up and running it will only cost you a few pounds a week to maintain. Compared with the cost of a newspaper ad, when you consider the potential market you can reach with a website, it is a very cost effective way to promote your business.

Think of your website as being your online brochure or catalogue. It is much easier and quicker to update information about your products and services on your website than in print material, making it an effective way of letting your customers know about the arrival of new properties, upcoming events, special promotions, or any new services you now offer. Unlike print ads which quickly become outdated, your website can provide current information and news. Your website will also allow you to advertise to a  wider market; Your properties can be made available globally.

A website is available to both your regular and potential customers 24/7/365 providing them with the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed. With today’s lifestyles if a customer cannot book with you then they will book with one of your competitors

Providing information to your customers takes time, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in emails. With an brochure you can provide lots of information about properties and there availability. Once your website is up and running, it is available to your customers indefinitely, saving you time. And what is time? Time is money!

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1 Page Solid Web Design

Overview of your new sites features

Simple Processes - Anyone can do it

To build your website you just have to fill in a simple questionnaire which tells us the type of site that you want, you companies colour preferences, and details about your website. From this and the photos that you send us we can build you a great website. If you have an existing website or printed brochure we may be able to build your site just using this information

Website designed you to your preferences

We are used to working with people with all level of technical expertise. If you have little or even no experience of using computers we can still help you. Our processes are simple, and we can build your site from a simple questionnaire about your property.  If you are completely computer phobic can even fill in this questionnaire using pen and paper, and send it to us in the mail

web design

content management

WordPress - You can update the site yourself (Or we can do it

We will build your site using WordPress. This allows you the user to make updates to the site yourself. This is the most common application for building user editable websites - There are a lot of books , videos and people who have experience using this CMS. If you prefer we can do all the updates for you 

Responsive - Looks good on  Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone

The websites we use all use a responsive layout. This means that the site automatically resizes itself based on the size of the screen being used. This means that one site will look good on a computer screen, a tablet or a mobile phone screen

Responsive design

Search Logo

Designed to rank well in search engines

All of our sites are optimized in order to rank well in search engines like Google, with good content and links. We will submit your news site to all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) as well as hundreds of minor directories.

All software updates on server performed by us

We can host your website on our servers, so that it is available for your customers to view. Create your weekly backups in case someone tries to hack your site, and perform all the necessary software updates for you so that your site and data stays as safe as possible

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Online Booking Form included

Our sites come with an availability calendar that shows the price of your property for a given week and which weeks have already been booked. Your customer can then fill in a booking request form which is sent to you so that you can confirm their booking.

Other online booking systems are available from us at an extra cost if you need more functionallity 

Pay upfront or included in a monthly fee

The cost of the websites we produce are very reasonable. We give you the choice of paying for you website when it is finished then paying a small optional hosting fee. If you prefer not to pay for your site in a lump sum, you can pay a large monthly hosting fee to include the cost of producing the website for your letting business

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Booking form example
1 Page Wed Design with solid background