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Optional Site Extras

We do have some extra services that you may be interested in at an extra cost. These are not included in some of the packages in order to keep the process low.


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Extra Pages For Single Page Site

These are already included on the large sites

1. Tripadvisor Testimonials

Have a page that displays your best your testimonials on Tripadvisor with links, so that prospective clients can see what others thought of you great holiday cottage

2. Local area page

Have a page that shows some of the interesting things that you can do in the local area. 6 photos with descriptions and links to the best that the local area has to offer

3. Local area map

Have map of the local area displayed with markers showing some of the things that may encourage people to stay with you. This option is to show up to 12 items

4. Local Events Calendar

Create and manage local events with ease.  The Events Calendar will help take your site to the next level, encouraging people to book and return to your site. Regular updates will improve your search rankings 

5. Blog

A good blog will encourage your customers to return to your site to see what is new. The main advantage its that a blog will improve your search rankings with regular updates and extra content

For your website

Extra items that may improve the quality of your website

1. Domain Name Advice

Your Domain Name is how people find your site. Ours is www.webdesignforaccommodation.com, it should be easy to remember and relevant to your business. With so many website addresses already being used, we can try to find you one if you can't find one that you like your self

2. Ghost Writing

We do not recommend doing this! However if you do not have the time to write the text for your site yourselves then we can hire someone to do it for you. However there is no one that knows your business as well as you do, so the words would be better coming from you

3. Professional Logo

We will provide you with a logo...and it will look OK. But if you want a professional graphic designer to produce your logo we can arrange this for you. We had this done and the logo is displayed to the side. Makes your site look more professional

4. Professional Banner Heading

Same as the logo, a professional banner again can make your site look a little more attractive.

5. Business class email

Give yourself more credibility and look more professional with a business email.Be mike@YourWebsiteName.com instead of mike@yahoo.com

Web Design For Accommodation Logo

Call Now Button

Extra Site Features

These are a few specialist options that you may feel that you need

1. Daily Backups

We will backup your website once a week incase there is a problem or your site is hacked. Any changes that have been made since that back up will need to be re-entered. If you are making changes to your database a lot you may wish to consider daily backups to minimise the need to re-enter data

2. Call Now Button

The "Call Now" button will only appear if the user is on a mobile device. Pressing this button will call your number without the need for the user to dial anything

3. ECommerce

If you want to sell things on your website then this option will add an online shop to your website.

4. Currency Conversion

If you may be getting a lot of interest for overseas visitors, then this option will display a currency converter so that price can be looked up in the customers local currency

Additional Setup

These items are additional optional setup tasks, you can do them yourselves or get us to do them for you

1. Google Plus Registration

As Google controls this social platform they are using it for capturing signals for their search engines. They are also using it to capture data that will enable them to serve up more personalized data to its search users and paid Google “Adwords” customers.

The advantage to business of participating on Google+ is that you are providing content and information that will improve your search engine results (sometime called SEO or search engine optimization).

2. FaceBook Registration

Facebook is a free website for world-wide social networking. It’s the second most popular website on the internet with more than 100 million users. If you have a business or product that you want to promote to the public, Facebook serves as the perfect, no cost outlet for advertising. You can fill your profile page with information about your business opportunity and allow your friends to discover the benefits of your services for themselves.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics will only be of use to advanced users. It lets you do more than measure sales and conversions. It also gives insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back

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Marketing Campaign

Promotional Campaign Extras

These are a few specialist options that you may feel that you need

1. Forms/Questionnaires

We can setup forms / brochures and questionnaires that you can email to your clients in order to promote your business with special offer, or to find out what your clients think about you

2. List Builder and Mailchimp

Add a section to your site where users can subscribe to your newsletter or special offers. MailChimp can then be used to send out promotional materials to your client email lists

3. Website Promotion

A month long promotion of your websites to make sure the website gets better ratings in search engines. This allows more people to find your website, therefore get more bookings